Park Rules/Map

  • In order for everyone to enjoy this facility safely, it is necessary to have the following park rules:
  • All persons in the ORV facility must sign a waiver on entering or they will be considered a trespasser.
  • All minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by parent or guardian and have the Minor Release Form signed by parent or guardian 18 years or older.
  • Gates are locked for your safety from 9:00pm until 9:00am nightly. If you must leave during this time please make arrangements with the gate staff.
  • While riding or driving in the park remain in first gear. Speed limit inside park is 5mph for all vehicles. No vehicle can exceed 105 decibel noise level.
  • No Medical Staff on site. Please report injuries to entrance gate staff. A First Aid kit is available at entrance gate.
  • A helmet, long sleeve shirt, long pants, over-the-ankle boots and gloves must be worn while riding/driving any off road vehicle. No shorts!
  • Please enter and exit the track at the designated entry and exit gates only. Also, do not enter any track or trail without the proper waivers signed, wristband purchased/worn and permission granted.
  • Spectators please remain in designated areas. Do not enter any tracks.
  • First lap on any track or trail is considered a sight lap.
  • No donuts, wheelies, spinning of tires or reckless riding/driving will be allowed.
  • No riding backwards on any track. Follow signs, it is one way only.
  • Skill based riding times are for your safety. Please follow the announcements or visible postings designating each skill level class. Do not violate these riding times under any circumstances.
  • Please put hazardous waste such as oil and antifreeze in appropriate containers. Under no circumstances should it be released to the ground surface. Violations of this rule can lead to immediate suspension from the facility and you will be held responsible for all clean-up costs, fees and fines by the authorities.
  • Pets must be on a leash. Pets are not allowed on the competition or trail courses at any time. You are responsible for your pets and their messes. Please clean up after your pets!
  • Quiet time = 9:00pm until 9:00am
  • Campfires must remain in fire ring. Fire rings may not be moved. Campers must attend fires at all times.
  • Camp sites may not have more than 1 picnic table.
  • Abuse or destruction of any part of the facility will not be tolerated. Any damage or vandalism to the facility, facility personnel or other park users will be the financial responsibility of the parent/guardian of the responsible party or the responsible party themselves.
  • All users of the facility will conduct themselves in a manner that shows respect for all other users of the facility. Illegal drugs and alcohol are not allowed on the premises. Fighting or unruly behaviour or profanity will not be tolerated. Law Enforcement will eject anyone acting in such a manner or arrest and detain.
  • 1st violation – Verbal Warning
  • 2nd violation – Suspension of park privileges for the day
  • 3rd violation – Suspension of park privileges for an appropriate time to fit the crime!
  • We want this facility to be 100% family friendly and will strive to achieve this goal.
    If there is an emergency, please contact a park attendant on site.
    Thank you for your cooperation and let’s have fun!!
  • Straddleline ORV Park, Promoto LLC, and Grays-Harbor County are not responsible for any injuries, accidents, theft, nor damages.


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STRADDLELINE ORV PARK has excitement for every ORV rider.

  • ORV Riding Arena: Groomed, watered and available for ATV and Motorcycle riding on designated days.
  • Beginner Track: Designated area for Beginner riders only!
  • Junior Track: Designated for riders that have advanced from the beginner track and are not ready for the ORV Arena.
  • Trails: Main Trailhead entrance and Kiosk at the Southeast fence line. Three directional trail loops consisting of ap- proximately 5 miles each.
  • Training: A list of local trainers will be provided upon request.
  • Four Wheel Drive, UTV Course: Operated on designated weekends only.
  • Offroad GP, Hare Scrambles, Trials and Vintage events: Operated on designated weekends only.
  • Flat Track, and Kart events: Operated on designated weekends only.
  • Capitol Forest Trailhead: 80,000 acres of ORV, horse , bike and hiking trails. For Rules and Regulations you must go to